Pujols 2, Padres 0

Hhpgpdy8The thick air here at PETCO Park is where fly balls go to die. Scott Rolen popped out to second base in the second inning and it looked like he was hitting a bowling ball. Ditto for Mike Piazza in the bottom of the inning.  It made Albert Pujols’ go-ahead, two-run home run in the fourth inning — the first blow by eiher team in this series — all the more amazing.

Pujols crushed it, just like he crushed 49 homers in another MVP-caliber season. From the press box at PECTO it looked like Padres catcher Piazza missed a chance to retire Pujols five pitches earlier on a pop-up behind home plate, but the consensus here from replays is that the ball hit the netting before glancing off Piazza’s glove. Peavy fell into a 3-0 hole in that inning and is facing another leadoff baserunner in the fifth as his pitch count reaches 70 and Pujols looms again.


  1. nick__gill@hotmail.com

    Will someone that knows better than I do tell me what the heck Mark Bellhorn is doing on the postseason roster?????

    I am livid that Bochy sent him up with the bases juiced. can’t believe it . . .

  2. p_o_d53@hotmail.com

    First of all, why is Peavy pitching to Pujols, I don’t understand where the logic is there. And not only does he pitch to him, he literally gives him down the pipe. Second of all, he should have gotten peavy out after that inning, Peavy got a little ticked off after that. But those are inaccuracies of a coach who thinks he is still coaching in the regular season. And to my next comment, why in the world is Bellhorn battins with the bases loaded. Not only is he batting with the bases loaded, he is batting against qa lefthander, furthermore, bellhorn is hitting .126 against lefthanders. Again, Bruce bochy rolling the dice a little too fast. Best bullpen in the majors and he doesn’t use them until he is five down. Someone please make bochy understand that he can’t hold anything back when playing in the playoffs. Doesn’t he remember last year, how about ninety eight when he brought in K. brown to pitch when he had pitched the day before. Can anyone say duh. And bellhorn, come one now, please, he had josh bard still in there. And if he says that he was waiting to use them for the later innings, well, I’m probably going to become a dodger fan because I’m tired of watching this coach just blow it.

  3. ct_duncan@yahoo.com

    I’m tired of being an SD native and always getting the short end of the stick. Our teams have so much talent, but…
    Tired of the re-runs.

    Let me know when you guys are ready before I stick up for you with baseball banter amongst my freinds.

    P.S. It is not illegal to brush Pujols off the plate.


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