Yes, he is human

I’m sorry, I just don’t buy this notion that the Padres should just throw up four fingers every time Albert Pujols comes to the plate.  There is little doubt he is one of the — most would say the — most dangerous hitters in baseball, but that does not mean you should just give in.

Yet some were saying just that on Tuesday and Wednesday, after Pujols snapped a scoreless tie and sparked St. Louis to a 5-1 Game 1 win. Here’s why I think it would have been foolish to walk Pujols in that situation:

  • It was the fourth inning. The Cardinals had a runner on first, there were no outs and Padres starter Jake Peavy had been razor-sharp.
  • Pujols may be "not human," as Peavy said the day before, but he still made an out in more than 56 percent of his at-bats during the regular season. He makes it look easy sometimes, but hitting is actually really hard.
  • 22_31_466_8_04The guy hitting behind him is no slug. Jim Edmonds is coming back from a head injury and has been dealing with a foot injury, but is the career NLDS slugging percentage leader. Scott Rolen is not terrible, either.
  • Did I mention it was the FOURTH inning?

Are there stat guys out there who can back me up on this?  Padres manager Bruce Bochy was tied for fifth in the NL with 63 intentional walks during the regular season and says he is going to let the game dictate the Padres’ approach to Pujols, and that’s the right way to go. Seventh inning, runner on second, two outs, go ahead and walk him. But playing scared and walking the guy every time he steps to the plate doesn’t make much sense to me.

Pujols is 3-for-9 lifetime against Padres Game 2 starter David Wells. That’s definitely a match-up to watch on Thursday afternoon. — Adam McCalvy /

Edit: Props to 1rebinva for pointing out that I am horrible at math…


  1. Tiffany

    Clearly, you can’t walk the guy EVERY time. As a manager you have to show some confidence in your pitchers.

    However, I think Padres fans are just still disgusted because of what happened last week. Pujols hit a 3-run shot in the 8th against the completely dominating Cla Meredith to give the Cardinals the lead and eventually would prove to be the game winner.

    Now he beats them again? I’m sure Padres fans are just ready for someone else to beat them. As for me, I don’t care WHO beats them… long as the Redbirds win!

    Go Cardinals!



    This pisses me off to say the least. How can you boo such a great player, just because he has gotten the best of you, and the majority of the pitchers he comes up against. But this is how the game goes, how fans are. It will never change, but it should. Fat Albert is too good of a player, and team player, to get booed like this, but he knows that and so do the people booing them, so F*&K em..

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