Get back to work!

If I put down a deposit on one of the new condo buildings sprouting up around PETCO Park, I want some of my money back. Entire construction crews are perched up there, leaning over railings and watching the action in the third inning. Winds today are 10-20 mph, so hopefully they’re strapped on to something. — Adam McCalvy /

Edit: Seventh inning and they’re still up there, hanging "K" signs for each strikeout by a Padres pitcher. Cla Meredith just whiffed Jim Edmonds, and a "K" went up for the first time since David Wells struck out a pair in the top of the third.



    What a waste of good clean baseballs. You get Weaver in game two, a Weaver who has an era bigger than some area codes and we can’t even get a good rally going. Like I said what a waste of baseballs. I know I’m just a monday morning quarterback but I wouldn’t give Pujols a pitch to hit that wasn’t in the next area code I don’t care what the situation is. You can’t let one guy beat you and this guy is doing a pretty good job. This is the playoffs. Like Hershiser said every thing in the playoffs is magnified. You can’t afford to split a series now.
    I can tolerate a bad team but a team just going through the motions I can’t accept. But I will tune in Sat. and see how it turns out. Like I said in another thread I am a lifer Padres fan so I’ll suffer through this also. One more thing I think Young should have started game one. I know the rotation thing, but Bochy should have worked it to that end. I wasn’t up on every pitch the last couple of weeks and I could be wrong but to me Young was doing the best job in his last couple of starts. And I think just last week didn’t he beat the Cards 2-1 in ST Louis when they were playing their butts off just to get in?

    Oh well there is still next year. Where we can make it three in a row.

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