A family affair

Felt like a rat in a maze after today’s game, trying to weave my way against the stream of fans heading for the exits so I could  pop into the postgame interview room. After listening to Albert Pujols explain how he hit and ran the Cardinals to another win, I headed down to the service tunnel and found myself stuck in another throng.
This one had some familiar faces. Among the several hundred people gathered in the tunnel between the two clubhouses were Marcus Giles, he of the Atlanta Braves and the younger brother of Padres outfielder Brian.  A few feet away was Jered Weaver, the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim pitcher whose hair is about as long as his team’s name. His brother, Jeff, had just pitched five shutout innings in the Cardinals huge Game 2 win.

Jeff, whose offseason residence is in Manhattan Beach, Calif., just south of Los Angeles, told reporters a few days earlier that a few family and friends would be making the short trip down to San Diego for his start. He was glad the game was mid-week; it cut down on the amount of people heading down and allowed Jeff to focus on baseball. Looks like he did just that.
But besides those big league brothers, celebs have been tough to spot at PETCO Park. Maybe we’ll get a Nelly sighting this weekend in St. Louis. — Adam McCalvy / MLB.com

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